Highlights of Clinical Investigations Papers
Characteristics and Outcomes of Serious Traumatic Injury in Older Adults
Precipitants of Emergency Room Visits and Acute Hospitalization in Short-Stay Medicare Nursing Home Residents
Estimates of Future Physical Functioning by Seriously Ill Hospitalized Patients, Their Families, and Their Physicians
The Ankle Brachial Index and Change in Lower Extremity Functioning over Time
Lower Extremity Performance Is Associated with Daily Life Physical Activity in Individuals with and without Peripheral Arterial Disease
Influence of Lower Extremity Strength of Healthy Older Adults on the Outcome of an Induced Trip
Use of a Cane for Ambulation
Sequential Treatment with Calcium Alginate Dressings and Hydrocolloid Dressings Accelerates Pressure Ulcer Healing in Older Subjects
Subcutaneous Abdominal Adipose Tissue Lipolysis During Exercise Determined by Arteriovenous Measurements in Older Women
Effect of Light Treatment on Sleep and Circadian Rhythms in Demented Nursing Home Patients
Community-Acquired Pneumonia and Do Not Resuscitate Orders
Completion of Advance Directives by Older Health Maintenance Organization Members
Geriatric Depression, Antidepressant Treatment, and Healthcare Utilization in a Health Maintenance Organization
The Differential Influence of Distinct Clusters of Psychiatric Symptoms, as Assessed by the General Health Questionnaire, on Cause of Death in Older Persons Living in a Rural Community of Japan
The Impact of Symptom Severity on the Cost of Alzheimer's Disease
Evaluation of a Guided Protocol for Quality Improvement in Identifying Common Geriatric Problems
Patient Characteristics at Hospital Discharge and a Comparison of Home Care Referral Decisions
Efficacy of Thrombolysis in Younger and Older Adult Patients Suffering Their First Acute Q-Wave Myocardial Infarction
Exercise-Induced Oxidative Stress in Older Adults as a Function of Habitual Activity Level
Self-Destructive Behaviors in Nursing Home Residents
The Genetics of Exceptional Human Longevity
Implementing a Mandatory Geriatrics Clerkship
A Critique of Research Measures Used to Assess Inappropriate Psychoactive Drug Use in Older Adults
Persistence of Racial Disparities in Advance Care Plan Documents Among Nursing Home Residents
Health Outcomes and Medicaid Costs for Frail Older Individuals
The Training of Geriatric Fellows in Rehabilitation
Unanswered Questions
Geriatric Trauma
Aplastic Anemia Induced by Phenytoin
Deficiencies in End-of-Life Care Content in Medical Textbooks
Validating the Time and Change Test to Screen for Dementia in an Older Hispanic Population
Incorrect Assumption Regarding the Mechanism of Action of Flavoxate
Incorrect Assumption Regarding the Mechanism of Action of Flavoxate
Adverse Drug Reactions in Older People with Dementia
The Role of Ultrasound in Osteoporosis Evaluation