Highlights of Papers in Clinical Investigations Section
Alendronate Reduces the Risk of Multiple Symptomatic Fractures: Results from the Fracture Intervention Trial
Glucose, Blood Pressure, and Lipid Control in Older People with and without Diabetes Mellitus: The Cardiovascular Health Study
Relationship of Race/Ethnicity and Blood Pressure to Change in Cognitive Function
Oral Care Reduces Pneumonia in Older Patients in Nursing Homes
Community-Acquired Pneumonia in Older Veterans: Does the Pneumonia Prognosis Index Help?
Severe Dementia and Adverse Outcomes of Nursing Home-Acquired Pneumonia: Evidence for Mediation by Functional and Pathophysiological Decline
Clinical Features and Functional Outcome of Intracerebral Hemorrhage in Patients Aged 85 and Older
Rapid Resting Heart Rate: A Simple and Powerful Predictor of Osteoporotic Fractures and Mortality in Older Women
The Relationship Between Leg Power and Physical Performance in Mobility-Limited Older People
The Relationship Between Lower Body Strength and Obstructed Gait in Community-Dwelling Older Adults
Development and Validation of a Risk-Adjustment Index for Older Patients: The High-Risk Diagnoses for the Elderly Scale
Central Auditory Dysfunction May Precede the Onset of Clinical Dementia in People with Probable Alzheimer's Disease
Urinary Incontinence and Psychological Distress in Community-Dwelling Older Adults
Medical Care Inconsistent with Patients' Treatment Goals: Association with 1-Year Medicare Resource Use and Survival
The Last 48 Hours of Life in Long-Term Care: A Focused Chart Audit
Does Receipt of Hospice Care in Nursing Homes Improve the Management of Pain at the End of Life?
Characteristics Associated with Fear of Falling and Activity Restriction in Community-Living Older Persons
Prescription Duration After Drug Copay Changes in Older People: Methodological Aspects
Restraint Use, Restraint Orders, and the Risk of Falls in Hospitalized Patients
The GPCOG: A New Screening Test for Dementia Designed for General Practice
Xerostomia and the Geriatric Patient
Refusing Artificial Nutrition and Hydration: Does Statutory Law Send the Wrong Message?
Care of Patients Nearing Death: Another View
Sensitivity and Specificity of Cognitive and Functional Screening Instruments for Dementia: The Indo-U.S. Dementia Epidemiology Study
A Comparison of Two Methods for Identifying Frail Medicare-Aged Persons
Infections in Residents of Long-Term Care Facilities: An Agenda for Research. Report of an Expert Panel
An Evidence-Based Approach to the Diagnosis of Deep Vein Thrombosis: Beyond the Ultrasound Report
Management of Diabetes Mellitus in Older Adults: Are National Guidelines Appropriate?
Oral Health is Cost-Effective to Maintain but Costly to Ignore
Regulating the Foregoing of Artificial Nutrition and Hydration: First, Do Some Harm
Reducing Delirium After Hip Fracture
Aspiration Pneumonia and Altered Dental Status
Aspiration Pneumonia and Altered Dental Status
Are the Unsafe Combinations Always Inappropriate?
Are the Unsafe Combinations Always Inappropriate?
Outpatient Geriatric Evaluation and Management
Outpatient Geriatric Evaluation and Management