Highlights of Papers in Clinical Investigations Section
HIV Infection: Treatment Outcomes in Older and Younger Adults
Use of Oseltamivir During Influenza Outbreaks in Ontario Nursing Homes, 1999–2000
Failure of Timed Bright Light Exposure to Alleviate Age-Related Sleep Maintenance Insomnia
Screening for Cobalamin Deficiency in Geriatric Outpatients: Prevalence and Influence of Synthetic Cobalamin Intake
Serum Albumin Concentration and Clinical Assessments of Nutritional Status in Hospitalized Older People: Different Sides of Different Coins?
Peripheral Blood Markers of Inflammation Predict Mortality and Functional Decline in High-Functioning Community-Dwelling Older Persons
Wheelchair Users Are Not Necessarily Wheelchair Bound
High-Velocity Resistance Training Increases Skeletal Muscle Peak Power in Older Women
Weighted Stair Climbing in Mobility-Limited Older People: A Pilot Study
Musculoskeletal Pain and Risk for Falls in Older Disabled Women Living in the Community
Predictors of Rehabilitation Outcomes in Frail Patients Treated in a Geriatric Hospital
Excess Mortality or Institutionalization After Hip Fracture: Men Are at Greater Risk Than Women
The Role of Smoking and Other Modifiable Lifestyle Risk Factors in Maintaining and Restoring Lower Body Mobility in Middle-Aged and Older Americans: Results from the HRS and AHEAD
Cognitive Impairment after Stroke: Clinical Determinants and Its Associations with Long-Term Stroke Outcomes
Sex Hormones and Cognitive Function in Older Men
Differential Effects of Premorbid Physical and Emotional Health on Recovery from Acute Events
Nursing Home Residents Covered by Medicare Risk Contracts: Early Findings from the EverCare Evaluation Project
Pressure Ulcer Prevalence in Long-Term Nursing Home Residents Since the Implementation of OBRA '87
Informal Caregiving Time and Costs for Urinary Incontinence in Older Individuals in the United States
Evening Light Exposure: Implications for Sleep and Depression
A Prospective Evaluation of the Charlson Comorbidity Index for Use in Long-Term Care Patients
Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Tai Chi for Improving Balance and Preventing Falls in the Older Population—A Review
Developing a Geriatric Business Plan for an Academic Medical Center
Advance Care Planning by Proxy for Residents of Long-Term Care Facilities Who Lack Decision-Making Capacity
An Incentive to Start Hormone Replacement: The Effect of Postmenopausal Hormone Replacement Therapy on the Risk of Colorectal Cancer
Wheelchair Users Are Not Necessarily Wheelchair Bound
What Do Prevalence Studies of Pressure Ulcers in Nursing Homes Really Tell Us?
Tolterodine: A Safe and Effective Treatment for Older Patients with Overactive Bladder
Benzodiazepines and Insomnia
Gene for Medical Cost?
The Long-Term Effect of Estriol on Endothelial Function and Bone Mineral Density in Octogenarian Women
Improvement of Cognitive Function after Pacemaker Implantation in Very Old Persons with Bradycardia
Iloprost for Age-Related Macular Degeneration: Long-Term Efficacy Evaluation