Highlights of Papers in the Clinical Investigations Section
The Effect of Group Exercise on Physical Functioning and Falls in Frail Older People Living in Retirement Villages
Intense Tai Chi Exercise Training and Fall Occurrences in Older, Transitionally Frail Adults
Function and Back Symptoms in Older Adults
Depressive Symptoms as a Risk Factor for Disabling Back Pain in Community-Dwelling Older Persons
Diagnosis and Treatment of Depression in the Elderly Medicare Population
Diagnosis-Related Group–Adjusted Hospital Costs Are Higher in Older Medical Patients with Lower Functional Status
Age and Features of Movement Influence Motor Overflow
Intentional and Unintentional Weight Loss Increase Bone Loss and Hip Fracture Risk in Older Women
Antidiabetic Drug Therapy of African-American and White Community-Dwelling Elderly Over a 10-Year Period
A Standardized Quality Assessment System To Evaluate Incontinence Care in the Nursing Home
Effects of Vitamin D Supplementation on Strength, Physical Function, and Health Perception in Older, Community-Dwelling Men
Alternative Therapy Use by Elderly African Americans Attending a Community Clinic
Psychiatric Morbidity in a Neurology-Based Memory Clinic
Use of the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research Urinary Incontinence Guideline in Nursing Homes
Restructuring Primary Care Practices to Manage Geriatric Syndromes
Selected As the Best Paper in the 1990s
Tai Chi, Falls, and the Heritage of JAGS
Managing Atrial Fibrillation in Older People
Inequities in Depression Management in Low-Income, Minority, and Old-Old Adults
Quality of Incontinence Management in U.S. Nursing Homes
Sherlock Holmes at the Bedside
Emotional Vitality and Change in Lower Extremity Function After Acute Medical Illness and Hospitalization
Cabergoline and Silent Aspiration in Elderly Patients with Stroke
Cancer in the Elderly
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Caregiving and Age
Role of Chronic Sinusitis in Cognitive Functioning in the Elderly
Use of Antibacterial Drugs in Community-Dwelling Older Persons
Ignoring the Controversies
Paresthesias Developing in an Elderly Patient after Chronic Usage of Nitrofurantoin and Vitamin B6
Subclavian Vein Occlusion Due to Pace-Maker Leads