Geriatric Oncology and Primary Care:
Shared Care in Geriatric Oncology:
Targeting Cancer Prevention and Screening Practices for Older Adults
Geriatric Assessment in Oncology Practice
Clinical Management Update:
Changing Healthcare Practice for Older Adults with Late-Stage Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer:
When Cancer in Older Adults Is Undermanaged:
Promoting Healthy Lifestyles in Older Cancer Survivors to Improve Health and Preserve Function
The Role of Primary Care Physicians in Advanced Cancer Care:
Toward Advocacy in Cancer Care for Older Adults:
Current Practices and Perspectives on Breast Cancer Screening and Treatment in Older Women with Dementia
Assessment and Interpretation of Comorbidity Burden in Older Adults with Cancer
Differences in Oncologist Communication Across Age Groups and Contributions to Adjuvant Decision Outcomes
Cancer Treatment in Older Adults:
Health and Well-Being in Older Married Female Cancer Survivors
Functioning of Older, Long-Term Cancer Survivors:
Needs of Older Caregivers of Patients with Advanced Cancer
Predictors of Engagement in a Coping and Communication Support Intervention for Older Patients with Advanced Cancer
A Model for the Shared Care of Elderly Patients with Cancer