Kidney Function and Mortality in Octogenarians
Kidney Function and Cognitive and Functional Decline in Elderly Adults
Glycosylated Hemoglobin and Functional Decline in Community-Dwelling Nursing Home–Eligible Elderly Adults with Diabetes Mellitus
Facility-Level Variation in Potentially Inappropriate Prescribing for Older Veterans
Environmental Determinants of Quality of Life in Nursing Home Residents with Severe Dementia
Objectively Measured Sleep Quality and Nursing Home Placement in Older Women
Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitor Use by Older Adults Is Associated with Greater Functional Responses to Exercise
Hiring and Screening Practices of Agencies Supplying Paid Caregivers to Older Adults
Effect of Influenza on Functional Decline
Recovery of Function Following a Hip Fracture in Geriatric Ambulatory Persons Living in Nursing Homes
Discrepancy Between Self- and Proxy-Rated Pain in Alzheimer's Disease
Fatigability in Basic Indoor Mobility in Nonagenarians
Effect of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disease on Cognitive Test Performance and Cognitive Change in Older Adults
Effect of Medicare Part D Benzodiazepine Exclusion on Psychotropic Use in Benzodiazepine Users
Ethnic Disparities in Adherence to Antihypertensive Medications of Medicare Part D Beneficiaries
Self-Reported Hearing Loss in Older Adults Is Associated with Future Decline in Instrumental Activities of Daily Living but Not in Social Participation
Association Between Mobility, Participation, and Wheelchair-Related Factors in Long-Term Care Residents Who Use Wheelchairs as Their Primary Means of Mobility
Predictors of 1-Year Change in Patient Activation in Older Adults with Diabetes Mellitus and Heart Disease
Implementing the Objective Structured Clinical Examination in a Geriatrics Fellowship Program—A 3-Year Experience
Use of an Online Curriculum to Teach Delirium to Fourth-Year Medical Students
Determining Prevalence and Correlates of Elder Abuse Using Promotores
Acute Hospital Use, Nursing Home Placement, and Mortality in a Frail Community-Dwelling Cohort Managed with Primary Integrated Interdisciplinary Elder Care at Home
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