Two i.v. antiplatelet agents marketed for coronary disease
Therapy for patients with heparin-induced thrombocytopenia marketed
Basiliximab approved for use in renal transplant patients
Roche cites drug interactions in mibefradil withdrawal
NABP opposes anti-generic campaigns, overuse of antibiotics in animals
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FDA proposes mechanism for disseminating information about off-label uses
Integrated health systems increase ownership of components
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State society events in Baltimore cover leadership, public relations, government affairs, meeting programming
Minnesota Society meeting includes diabetes workshops
Nebraska Society sessions cover therapeutic topics, automation, technician status
At annual convention, South Dakota Society members study shift to outpatient care
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New York State Council annual assembly sessions feature electronic resources
North Dakota Society holds joint meeting with state pharmaceutical association
Evidence-based medicine, Myers-Briggs indicator discussed at Iowa Society spring meeting
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Preparation of latex-safe sterile products
Preparation of Sterile Products for Latex-Allergic Patients
Pharmacy's vision of its future in managed care
Pharmacy in managed care
Pharmaceutical care in 2000
Perspectives on pharmacy's role in managed care
Preconference survey
Preconference survey
Report of the workshops
Observations on the conference
Conference participants
Accuracy of three automated compounding systems determined by end-product laboratory testing and comparison with manual preparation
Stability of somatropin stored in plastic syringes for 28 days
Using telemedicine technology for pharmaceutical services to ambulatory care patients
Role of cimetidine in the treatment of acetaminophen poisoning
Policies Regarding Career Opportunity Advertising
Aldesleukin therapy in HIV-infected patients
Drug allergy communication
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