Celecoxib approved as NSAID with some concessions on class warning
Cilostazol approved for use in intermittent claudication
FDA drug-review, surveillance processes under scrutiny
FDA plan highlights drug safety efforts
Priority drugs well represented among 1998 approvals
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Offer smokers a choice of drug therapy, physicians recommend
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Smoking-cessation programs need to target college students
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For second year, teen drug-use survey shows declines
BPS certifies 118 in oncology
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Inappropriate prescribing for elderly outpatients
Standard gentamicin dosage regimen in neonates
Efficient operation of a high-volume anticoagulation clinic
Risk factors for patient hospitalization
Patient outcomes after formulary conversion from immediate-release to extended-release glipizide tablets
Stability of cefepime hydrochloride injection in polypropylene syringes at -20 [degree sign]C, 4[degree sign]C, and 22-24 [degree sign]C
ASHP Therapeutic Position Statement on Smoking Cessation
Call for Home, Hospice, and Long-Term Care '99 poster presentations
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Removal of pyrogens by filtration?
Removal of pyrogens by filtration?
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Useful prescription drug information
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