Internet-based prescribing and dispensing trouble medical and pharmacy boards
Key findings of evidence-based reports announced
Cytotoxic protein approved for cutaneous T-cell lymphoma
Four-drug regimen recommended for most heart failure patients
Emphasize diet-not antioxidant supplements, says AHA
Subpotent vaccine lot recalled, recommendations on supplemental doses issued
1997 saw HMO membership up, hospital days down
Employers report 6% jump in 1998 health care costs
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More health plans restricting drug use, setting three-tier copayments
Kenneth Avis dies; 'wrote the book' on injectable drug quality
New members appointed to AJHP's editorial board
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ASHP hosts state society executive meeting, Congressional visits
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Arkansas Association seminar looks at fail-safe drug use, pharmacoeconomics
Montana Society meeting covers drug misadventures, biotechnology, herbal products
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Maryland Society meets at Deep Creek Lake
Benchmarking the allocation of pharmacists' time
Coenzyme Q10
Medicine is changing-so are the bugs
The changing face of nosocomial candidemia
The changing face of nosocomial candidemia
AJHP continuing-education request form
Therapeutic interchange of conjugated and esterified estrogens in a managed care organization
Safety of insulin lispro
Stability of fumagillin in an extemporaneously prepared ophthalmic solution
Cost analysis of remifentanil and fentanyl for neurosurgical anesthesia
Long-term heavy use of diphenhydramine without anticholinergic delirium
Inform... Influence... Educate... with Reprints from
Call for ASHP 1999 Midyear Clinical Meeting papers
Actions of the ASHP Board of Directors-meeting of November 14-15, 1998
Establishing realistic performance standards for community pharmacists' drug-use-review activities in managed care contracts
Redefining the practice of military pharmacy
Intravenous clonidine for hypertensive emergencies
Splitting bupropion extended-release tablets
The pharmacist as a healer
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