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FDA admits to lacking control over counterfeit drug imports
FDA approves single-injection, bolus-dose thrombolytic agent
Prehospital thrombolysis may improve chances of short-term survival, meta-analysis shows
Nonabsorbed polymer approved for reducing high cholesterol levels
National formulary a plus for VA
Guidelines address management of lipid disorders associated with antiretroviral therapy
Upcoming Meeting
Media reports overplay benefits of drugs, study shows
News Briefs
Reference on the extended stability of injectable drugs for home care
Safety and efficacy of antiestrogens for prevention of breast cancer
Home care pharmacy: Extending clinical pharmacy services beyond infusion therapy
Development of an indinavir oral liquid for children
Stability of famotidine in an extemporaneously compounded oral liquid
ASHP Guidelines on the Safe Use of Automated Compounding Devices for the Preparation of Parenteral Nutrition Admixtures
Problems with the automatic switching of generic cyclosporine oral solution for the innovator product
A glimpse of pharmacy practice in Japan: Déjà vu
Survey of alternative and nonprescription therapy use
Currentness of foreign-drug list
Currentness of foreign-drug list
Career Opportunities
Vancomycin-intermediate Staphylococcus aureus
Reimbursement issues