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Alosetron withdrawn from market
Needlestick prevention measures become law
Companies try different plans for same clotting factor product
Triple-drug tablet approved for HIV infection
Merck-Medco offers free generics to physicians
AHRQ assesses evidence for best management of COPD exacerbations
Appointments & Promotions
Opposing groups find common ground on health care coverage
New editorial board members named
News Briefs
Gemtuzumab Ozogamicin
Pharmacy and the e-train: Time to get on board
Treatment strategies for recurrent oral aphthous ulcers
Validity and reliability of observational methods for studying medication administration errors
Procedure for submissions to the American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy
Instructions for submitting computer disks with revised manuscripts
AJHP sections
The Institute of Medicine report on medical error: Overview and implications for pharmacy
Pharmacists building a safer health system
Credentialing in pharmacy
Centralized, pharmacist-managed anticoagulation service for a university-based health system
Of medication orders and deli sandwiches
Additional Novartis products available through assistance programs
Career Opportunities
West Nile Virus