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New pain standards offer key role for pharmacy
HCFA, states work at increasing prescription drug access in Medicare, Medicaid
Thrombin inhibitor approved for anticoagulation during angioplasty
Recap of FDA product approvals-2000
JCAHO adds patient safety standards for hospitals
Wisconsin coalition recommends steps for reducing medication errors
Improved glycemic control results in short-term cost savings, researchers find
Infliximab licensing expands to include halting arthritis progression
News Briefs
Editing in an age of troubled writing
Moxifloxacin: Clinical efficacy and safety
Community pharmacist knowledge and behavior in collecting drug copayments from Medicaid recipients
Gluten in pharmaceutical products
Verapamil intoxication after substitution of immediate-release for extended-release verapamil
Strategic management of pharmaceutical expenses
Actions of the ASHP Board of Directors - meeting of November 11-12, 2000
Achieving blood lipid goals in patients with coronary artery disease
The formulary of a large health maintenance organization in Israel
Defining home care
Defining home care
Career Opportunities
Writing and Presenting Research Work