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Houston hospitals deal with storm's effects
Special medical teams help Houston flood victims
National cholesterol-management guidelines call for aggressive therapy
Scam artists target hospitals for biotech product
New drug targets genetic malfunction in chronic myeloid leukemia
States forge ahead with medical marijuana despite federal ruling
Court rules that Maine Rx can move forward
Upcoming Meetings
Management of antiretroviral therapy focuses on boosting adherence, minimizing toxicities
AHA survey confirms health care work-force shortage
Medicare, Medicaid agency given self-evident name
Health illiteracy interferes with care
News Briefs
Pharmacologic options for the treatment of obesity
Outcomes assessment of clinical pharmacy services in a psychiatric inpatient setting
Potential risks and prevention, part 1: Fatal adverse drug events
Potential risks and prevention, part 2: Drug-induced permanent disabilities
Interpreting the findings of the IMPROVE study
Cost-effectiveness of proton-pump inhibitors for maintenance therapy of erosive reflux esophagitis
Career Opportunities
Rough Medicine: Surgeons at Sea in the Age of Sail
Geriatric Mental Health Care-A Treatment Guide for Health Professionals