FDA to require bar coding of most pharmaceuticals by mid-2006
FDA declares actions to combat counterfeit drugs
Upcoming Meeting
New drugs and dosage forms
Retrovirus conferees discuss new strategies
ASHP Health-System Pharmacy 2015 Initiative
Privileging, quality improvement, and accountability
Credentialing and privileging for pharmacists
Nutritional support and the surgical patient
Model of effect of magnesium prophylaxis on frequency of torsades de pointes in ibutilide-treated patients
Use of Chinese herbal products in Oakland and San Francisco Chinatowns
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Access to essential drugs in developing countries: A lost battle?
Frequency of nausea and vomiting after chemotherapy
Pharmacist involvement in CPOE
Pharmacist involvement in CPOE
Lack of association between fexofenadine and rhabdomyolysis
Lack of association between fexofenadine and rhabdomyolysis