Translation of clinical evidence into medical practice
No time to wait
Tailored treatment for heart failure: An emerging concept
Is there still a future for neutral endopeptidase inhibitors?
Heart failure after myocardial infarction: A good heart is hard to find
Primary intervention in acute myocardial infarction: Do bankers’ hours suffice, or should we invest our resources elsewhere?
Hemostasis of the femoral vasculature: Shouldn’t we have an answer by now?
Radiofrequency atrioventricular junction ablation for atrial fibrillation: How can we make it better?
Stress testing: National patterns and predictors of test ordering
Incremental prognostic value of myocardial perfusion single photon emission computed tomography in patients with diabetes mellitus
Exercise testing: Improving performance with a ramped Bruce protocol
Recognition of infarct localization by specific changes in intramural myocardial mechanics
Prehospital delay in patients hospitalized with heart attack symptoms in the United States: The REACT trial
Very early assessment of risk for in-hospital death among 11,483 patients with acute myocardial infarction
Racial differences in the management of unstable angina: Results from the multicenter GUARANTEE registry
Insights into the pathophysiology of atherosclerosis and prognosis of black Americans with acute coronary syndromes
Niacin treatment increases plasma homocyst(e)ine levels
Relation between aerobic capacity and extent of myocardial ischemia in patients with normal cardiac function
Development of eptifibatide
Clinical outcome after multivessel coronary stent implantation
Daytime and nighttime differences in patterns of performance of primary angioplasty in the treatment of patients with acute myocardial infarction
Randomized comparison of hemostasis techniques after invasive cardiovascular procedures
Titration of vasodilator therapy in chronic heart failure according to plasma brain natriuretic peptide concentration: Randomized comparison of the hemodynamic and neuroendocrine effects of tailored versus empirical therapy
Clinical predictors of heart failure in patients with first acute myocardial infarction
A randomized trial of ecadotril versus placebo in patients with mild to moderate heart failure: The U.S. Ecadotril Pilot Safety Study
Comparison of the short-term effects of candoxatril, an orally active neutral endopeptidase inhibitor, and frusemide in the treatment of patients with chronic heart failure
Metoprolol CR/XL in patients with heart failure: A pilot study examining the tolerability, safety, and effect on left ventricular ejection fraction
Mitral regurgitation after atrioventricular node catheter ablation for atrial fibrillation and heart failure: Acute hemodynamic features
Transcatheter closure of patent ductus arteriosus with the use of Rashkind occluders and/or Gianturco coils: Long-term follow-up in 123 patients and special reference to comparison, residual shunts, complications, and technique
Straddling tricuspid valve as a sign of ventriculoatrial malalignment: A morphometric study of 19 postmortem cases
Confusion in geography
Confusion in geography
People’s Republic of China
People’s Republic of China
Defining risk in unstable angina
Defining risk in unstable angina
Observer-related variability in IVUS measurements after stenting
Observer-related variability in IVUS measurements after stenting
Effectiveness of heparin in preventing thrombin generation and thrombin activity in patients undergoing coronary intervention
Telemedicine in cardiology