Renal artery stenosis: A cardiovascular perspective
Cost and cost-effectiveness studies in heart failure research
Study of the therapeutic effects of intercessory prayer (STEP): Study design and research methods
Pharmacodynamic profile of the direct thrombin antagonist bivalirudin given in combination with the glycoprotein IIb/IIIa antagonist eptifibatide
Glycoprotein IIb-IIIa inhibition with abciximab and postprocedural risk assessment: Lessons from the evaluation of platelet IIb/IIIa inhibitor for stenting trial and implication for ad hoc use of glycoprotein IIb-IIIa antagonists
The ultegra rapid platelet-function assay: Comparison to standard platelet function assays in patients undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention with abciximab therapy
Assessment of the safety and efficacy of the DUETT vascular hemostasis device: Final results of the safe and effective vascular hemostasis (SEAL) trial
Coronary stent implantation in patients older than 75 years of age: Clinical profile and initial and long-term (3 years) outcome
Natural history of small and medium-sized side branches after coronary stent implantation
Expanding the outcomes in clinical trials of heart failure: The quality of life and economic components of EPHESUS (EPlerenone's neuroHormonal efficacy and survival study)
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Usefulness of an echo-contrast agent for assessment of coronary flow velocity and coronary flow velocity reserve in the left anterior descending coronary artery with transthoracic doppler scan echocardiography
Effects of bisoprolol fumarate on left ventricular size, function, and exercise capacity in patients with heart failure: Analysis with magnetic resonance myocardial tagging
Endogenous nitric oxide prevents myocardial ischemia in patients with hypertension and left ventricular hypertrophy
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Left ventricular remodeling in the first year after acute myocardial infarction and the predictive value of N-terminal pro brain natriuretic peptide
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Blood pressure control and hormone replacement therapy in postmenopausal women at risk for coronary heart disease
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