The COX-2 inhibitors—An update
Clopidogrel-statin interaction
In transition
Distal protection in cardiovascular medicine
Rationale, design, and organization of the PeriOperative ISchemic Evaluation (POISE) Trial
Rationale and design of a randomized clinical trial to assess the role of overdrive and triggered prevention pacing therapies in reducing atrial fibrillation
Clinical trial design and patient demographics of the Multinational Etoricoxib and Diclofenac Arthritis Long-term (MEDAL) Study Program
Rationale and design
Meta-analysis of ischemia-modified albumin to rule out acute coronary syndromes in the emergency department
Intrafamilial variability of noncompaction of the ventricular myocardium
A pharmacoepidemiology study of the interaction between atorvastatin and clopidogrel after percutaneous coronary intervention
ST-segment depression in non-ST elevation acute coronary syndromes
The prognostic value of the admission and predischarge electrocardiogram in acute coronary syndromes
Antecedent left ventricular mass and infarct size in ST-elevation myocardial infarction
Prevalence of heparin-induced thrombocytopenia in patients undergoing cardiac catheterization
Effect of pexelizumab on mortality in patients with acute myocardial infarction or undergoing coronary artery bypass surgery
Maximum oxygen uptake at peak exercise in elderly patients with coronary artery disease and preserved left ventricular function
Prospective evaluation of the oxygen uptake efficiency slope as a submaximal predictor of peak oxygen uptake in aged patients with ischemic heart disease
Metabolic syndrome, C-reactive protein, and prognosis in patients with established coronary artery disease
Identification of excess clustering of coronary heart diseases among extended pedigrees in a genealogical population database
Evaluation of AMPD1 C34T genotype as a predictor of mortality in heart failure and post-myocardial infarction patients
Patterns and outcomes of drug-eluting coronary stent use in clinical practice
Intravascular ultrasound assessment of fibrous cap remnants after coronary plaque rupture
The Extensive Lifestyle Management Intervention (ELMI) after cardiac rehabilitation
Predicting significant coronary artery disease in patients with left ventricular dysfunction
Racial variations in quality of care and outcomes in an ambulatory heart failure cohort
Prevention of atrial fibrillation in patients with symptomatic chronic heart failure by candesartan in the Candesartan in Heart failure
Low voltage on the electrocardiogram is a marker of disease severity and a risk factor for adverse outcomes in patients with heart failure due to systolic dysfunction
Persistence of iatrogenic atrial septal defect after pulmonary vein isolation-an underestimated risk?
Risk stratification of patients with chronic kidney disease
Socioeconomic status, treatment, and outcomes among elderly patients hospitalized with heart failure
Implementation of a continuous quality improvement program for percutaneous coronary intervention and cardiac surgery at a large community hospital
Risk factors for deaths occurring within 30 days and 1 year after hospital discharge for cardiac surgery among pediatric patients
Racial differences are seen in blood pressure response to fosinopril in hypertensive children
Evaluation of a novel anti-ischemic agent in acute coronary syndromes
Evaluation of a novel anti-ischemic agent in acute coronary syndromes
A perspective on antiarrhythmic drug therapy
A perspective on antiarrhythmic drug therapy
Reduced CD34+, renal anemia, and adverse outcomes