High Prevalence of Inherited Prothrombotic Risk Factors in 134 Consecutive Patients with von Willebrand Disease

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We screened 134 consecutive patients with von Willebrand disease (VWD) (106 type 1, 26 type 2, and 2 type 3 VWD) for the most important inherited prothrombotic risk factors. One hundred eight patients (80.6%) weree positive for at least one of the prothrombotic risk factors screened for. A high prevalence of prothrombin G20210A (10.5%) and factor V Leiden (11.9%) mutations was found with allele frequencies of 5.2 and 6%, respectively. Three carriers of multiple prothrombotic gene mutations experienced a thrombotic event. Our study suggests that the recent evidence of an association between inherited thrombotic and hemorrhagic disorders also holds true in VWD patients.

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