History and Medicine—The Case of Silicosis
From Silicosis to Silica Hazards: An Experiment in Medicine, History, and the Social Sciences
Truncating a Disease. The Reduction of Silica Hazards to Silicosis at the 1930 International Labor Office Conference on Silicosis in Johannesburg
Conspicuous Disease: The Surveillance of Silicosis in South Africa, 1910–1970
Miners, Silica and Disability: The Bi-National Interplay Between South Africa and the United Kingdom, c1900–1930s
From the Definition of Silicosis at the 1930 Johannesburg Conference to the Blurred Boundaries Between Pneumoconioses, Sarcoidosis, and Pulmonary Alveolar Proteinosis (PAP)
“Acute” Silicosis at the 1930 Johannesburg Conference on Silicosis and in Its Aftermath: Controversies Over a Distinct Entity Later Recognized as Silicoproteinosis
The Pathologist's View of Silicosis in 1930 and in 2015. The Johannesburg Conference Legacy
From the 1930 International Johannesburg Conference on Silicosis, to “Tables” of Occupational Diseases, France, 2000 onward: A Comparative Reading
Historical and Emerging Workplaces Affected by Silica Exposure Since the 1930 Johannesburg Conference on Silicosis, with Special Reference to Construction