A Standardized Quality Assessment System to Evaluate Pain Detection and Management in the Nursing Home
Nursing Home Resident Barriers to Effective Pain Management
Predictors of Do Not Resuscitate Orders in the Nursing Home
Do Not Hospitalize Orders in Nursing Homes
Physician and Nurse Staffing in Nursing Homes
Physician Care in Assisted Living
A Controlled, Randomized, Comparative Study of a Radiant Heat Bandage on the Healing of Stage 3–4 Pressure Ulcers
The Effects of Changes in Nursing Home Staffing on Pressure Ulcer Rates
Fecal Incontinence in Older Patients
Evaluation of an Educational Program for Long-term Care Nursing Assistants
Establishing and Educating a Long-term Care Regional Ethics Committee
The NJ SEED Project
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Overcoming a Prejudice Against Qualitative Studies
American Medical Directors Association and American Society of Consultant Pharmacists Joint Position Statement on the Beers List of Potentially Inappropriate Medications in Older Adults*
Feeding Tube Use in Italian Nursing Homes
The Free Lunch and the Literature
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