In memoriam: Terje Sagvolden
Dysfunctional gene splicing as a potential contributor to neuropsychiatric disorders
Association of catechol- O -methyl transferase (COMT) gene −287A/G polymorphism with susceptibility to obsessive–compulsive disorder in Chinese Han population
Variation in NGFB is associated with primary affective disorders in women
PARK2 copy number aberrations in two children presenting with autism spectrum disorder: Further support of an association and possible evidence for a new microdeletion/microduplication syndrome
Association of CHRNA4 polymorphisms with smoking behavior in two populations †
Association of RGS2 variants with panic disorder in a Japanese population
P2RX7 gene is associated consistently with mood disorders and predicts clinical outcome in three clinical cohorts
Familial 6p22.2 duplication associates with mild developmental delay and increased SSADH activity
Absence of association between specific common variants of the obesity-related FTO gene and psychological and behavioral eating disorder phenotypes
Using linkage information to weight a genome-wide association of bipolar disorder
Comprehensive family-based association study of the glutamate transporter gene SLC1A1 in obsessive-compulsive disorder
The association between family history of mental disorder and delusional-like experiences: A general population study
Non-syndromic language delay in a child with disruption in the Protocadherin11X/Y gene pair
DISC1 exon 11 rare variants found more commonly in schizoaffective spectrum cases than controls
Microduplications in an autism multiplex family narrow the region of susceptibility for developmental disorders on 15q24 and implicate 7p21
White matter changes in basis pontis in small expansion FMR1 allele carriers with parkinsonism
Replication study of genome-wide associated SNPs with late-onset Alzheimer's disease