Indexing disease progression at study entry with individuals at-risk for Huntington disease
No evidence that extended tracts of homozygosity are associated with Alzheimer's disease
Linkage analyses of stimulant dependence, craving, and heavy use in American Indians
Association between TCF4 and schizophrenia does not exert its effect by common nonsynonymous variation or by influencing cis -acting regulation of mRNA expression in adult human brain
Genome scan of age-at-onset in the NIMH Alzheimer disease sample uncovers multiple loci, along with evidence of both genetic and sample heterogeneity
A loss-of-function mutation in the SLC9A6 gene causes X-linked mental retardation resembling Angelman syndrome
Genomic architecture of aggression: Rare copy number variants in intermittent explosive disorder
Borderline personality traits and adult attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder symptoms: A genetic analysis of comorbidity
Phenotypical spectrum of cerebellar ataxia associated with a novel mutation in the CA8 gene, encoding carbonic anhydrase (CA) VIII
SLC9A9 mutations, gene expression, and protein–protein interactions in rat models of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
Mutation screening of the 3q29 microdeletion syndrome candidate genes DLG1 and PAK2 in schizophrenia
Positive association of Phencyclidine-responsive genes, PDE4A and PLAT , with schizophrenia
Distinct De Novo deletions in a brother–sister pair with RTT: A case report
Response to the letter from Dr. Maher and colleagues Re. Linkage on suicidality
RE: Butler AW et al. 2010. A genomewide linkage study on suicidality in major depressive disorder confirms evidence for linkage to 2p12. Am J Med genet part B 153B(8):1465–1473.