Genetic Predictors of Risk and Resilience in Psychiatric Disorders: A Cross-Disorder Genome-Wide Association Study of Functional Impairment in Major Depressive Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, and Schizophrenia
Epigenetic Studies in Alzheimer's Disease: Current Findings, Caveats, and Considerations for Future Studies
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Microduplication of 15q13.3 and Xq21.31 in a Family With Tourette Syndrome and Comorbidities
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Reaffirmation of GAK, But Not HLA-DRA, as a Parkinson's Disease Susceptibility Gene in a Taiwanese Population
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High Frequency of Intermediate Alleles on Huntington Disease-Associated Haplotypes in British Columbia's General Population
High Rates of Comorbid Depressive and Anxiety Disorders Among Women with Premutation of the FMR1 Gene
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Genome-Wide Copy Number Scan Identifies Disruption of PCDH11X in Developmental Dyslexia
Association Study of 83 Candidate Genes For Bipolar Disorder in Chromosome 6q Selected Using an Evidence-Based Prioritization Algorithm