Angelman syndrome 2005: Updated consensus for diagnostic criteria
AGTR2 in brain development and function
Dyggve–Melchior–Clausen syndrome and Smith–McCort dysplasia: Clinical and molecular findings in three families supporting genetic heterogeneity in Smith–McCort dysplasia
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Clinical findings in 33 subjects with large supernumerary marker(15) chromosomes and 3 subjects with triplication of 15q11-q13
Minimal phenotype in a girl with trisomy 15q due to t(X;15)(q22.3;q11.2) translocation
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Genotype–phenotype correlation in hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia: Mutations and manifestations
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Characterization of two supernumerary marker chromosomes in a patient with signs of Klinefelter syndrome, mild facial anomalies, and severe speech delay
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Case of chromosome 6p25 terminal deletion associated with Axenfeld–Rieger syndrome and persistent hyperplastic primary vitreous
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Discordant encephalocele in monozygotic twins
The biallelic expression pattern of X-linked genes in Klinefelter syndrome by pyrosequencing
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