Reporting Genetic Results in Research Studies:
Bilateral Periventricular Heterotopias in an X-Linked Dominant Transmission in a Family With Two Affected Males
FBN1 , TGFBR1 , and the Marfan-Craniosynostosis/Mental Retardation Disorders Revisited
Linkage Analysis of Genetic Loci for Kyphoscoliosis on Chromosomes 5p13, 13q13.3, and 13q32
Genotype–Epigenotype–Phenotype Correlations in Females With Frontometaphyseal Dysplasia
Meiotic Segregation Analysis of Reciprocal Translocations Both in Sperms and Blastomeres
Folate Gene Polymorphisms and the Risk of Down Syndrome Pregnancies in Young Italian Women
Lack of Meiotic Crossovers During Oogenesis in an Apparent 45,X Ullrich–Turner Syndrome Patient With Three Children
Thyroid Anomalies in Williams Syndrome:
Multicolor Banding Detects a Complex Three Chromosome, Seven Breakpoint Unbalanced Rearrangement in an ICSI-Derived Fetus With Multiple Abnormalities
Molecular Cytogenetic Analysis of a de novo Interstitial Chromosome 10q22 Deletion
A Balanced Reciprocal Translocation in a Case of Hypomelanosis of Ito With Confirmation of Mosaicism Using Buccal Cell Interphase FISH
Maternal Genotype for the Monocyte Chemoattractant Protein 1 A(-2518)G Promoter Polymorphism Is Associated With the Risk of Spina Bifida in Offspring
Congenital Chylothorax in Opitz G/BBB Syndrome
Bioethics and the New Embryology: Springboards for Debate.
Literature Searches of Double Trisomy Citations Are Inadequate
Letter Re:
Y-Chromosome Microdeletions in 45,X/46,XY Patients