Introduction to John M. Opitz Festschrift
Festschrift for Dr. John M. Opitz: Pathogenesis of cardiac conduction disorders in children genetic and histopathologic aspects
The Helena syndromes
Vascular update: Morphogenesis, tumors, malformations, and molecular dimensions 1
Is there a higher incidence of maternal uniparental disomy 14 [upd(14)mat]? Detection of 10 new patients by methylation-specific PCR
Clinical experience with array CGH: Case presentations from nine months of practice
DHCR7 mutation carrier rates and prevalence of the RSH/Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome: Where are the patients? 1
Diagnostic yield of various genetic approaches in patients with unexplained developmental delay or mental retardation
The FG syndrome: Report of a large Italian series
Non-random associations and vascular fields in neurofibromatosis 1: A pathogenetic hypothesis
Language skills and neuropsychological performance in patients with SHH mutations and a holoprosencephaly-like phenotype
Normal values for morphological abnormalities in school children
CHD7 gene and non-syndromic cleft lip and palate
An efficient chemical method to generate repetitive sequences depleted DNA probes
RMRP mutations in cartilage-hair hypoplasia
Significance of case reports in the advancement of medical scientific knowledge
Bifid ribs and unusual vertebral anomalies diagnosed in an anatomical specimen. Gorlin syndrome?
A study of familial stuttering
Holoprosencephaly: Clinical evaluation on audiological and brainstem electrophysiological profiles
Prenatal diagnosis of episodic tachypnea in an infant with OFD VI
Colophon: Vere dignum et justum est … An unedited MS 1