Cover Image, Volume 174B, Number 7, October 2017
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Shifting the focus toward rare variants in schizophrenia to close the gap from genotype to phenotype
Single‐nucleotide polymorphisms in genes related to the hypothalamic‐pituitary‐adrenal axis as risk factors for posttraumatic stress disorder
A genome‐wide quantitative trait locus (QTL) linkage scan of NEO personality factors in Latino families segregating bipolar disorder
Serotonergic 5HTTLPR/rs25531 s‐allele homozygosity associates with violent suicides in male citalopram users
Genome‐wide association study of facial emotion recognition in children and association with polygenic risk for mental health disorders
Identification of candidate genes involved in the etiology of sporadic Tourette syndrome by exome sequencing
Mutation intolerant genes and targets of FMRP are enriched for nonsynonymous alleles in schizophrenia
Posterior column ataxia with retinitis pigmentosa coexisting with sensory‐autonomic neuropathy and leukemia due to the homozygous p.Pro221Ser FLVCR1 mutation
The regulation of tetraspanin 8 gene expression—A potential new mechanism in the pathogenesis of bipolar disorder
Lack of TMEM230 mutations in patients with familial and sporadic Parkinson's disease in a Taiwanese population
Role of 108 schizophrenia‐associated loci in modulating psychopathological dimensions in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder