An overview of MetaMap
Evaluating a scalable model for implementing electronic health records in resource-limited settings
Automated evaluation of electronic discharge notes to assess quality of care for cardiovascular diseases using Medical Language Extraction and Encoding System (MedLEE)
Traversing the many paths of workflow research
International classification of diseases, 10th edition, clinical modification and procedure coding system
An evaluation of medical knowledge contained in Wikipedia and its use in the LOINC database
Health information exchange
A Framework for evaluating the costs, effort, and value of nationwide health information exchange
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Clinical decision support implemented with academic detailing improves prescribing of key renally cleared drugs in the hospital setting
Cognitive work analysis to evaluate the problem of patient falls in an inpatient setting
The disclosure of diagnosis codes can breach research participants' privacy
Social networks and physician adoption of electronic health records
Evaluation of family history information within clinical documents and adequacy of HL7 clinical statement and clinical genomics family history models for its representation
A preliminary look at duplicate testing associated with lack of electronic health record interoperability for transferred patients
Electrodiagnosis support system for localizing neural injury in an upper limb
WTW—an algorithm for identifying “who transmits to whom” in outbreaks of interhuman transmitted infectious agents
American College of Medical Informatics Fellows, 2009