Use of electronic health record systems for decision support
Computerized provider-order entry
The impact of the electronic medical record on structure, process, and outcomes within primary care
Computerization of workflows, guidelines, and care pathways
Evaluating health information technology in community-based settings
The influence of computerized decision support on prescribing during ward-rounds
How to improve the delivery of medication alerts within computerized physician order entry systems
Errors associated with outpatient computerized prescribing systems
Factors contributing to an increase in duplicate medication order errors after CPOE implementation
The impact of the heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (HIT) computerized alert on provider behaviors and patient outcomes
Making electronic prescribing alerts more effective
A nationwide medication incidents reporting system in The Netherlands
The marginal value of pre-visit paper reminders when added to a multifaceted electronic health record based quality improvement system
ICU nurses' acceptance of electronic health records
A partnership model for implementing electronic health records in resource-limited primary care settings
The role of information technology in translating educational interventions into practice
Point-of-care clinical documentation
Design and evaluation of a wireless electronic health records system for field care in mass casualty settings
Care transitions as opportunities for clinicians to use data exchange services
A method and knowledge base for automated inference of patient problems from structured data in an electronic medical record
The feasibility of automating audit and feedback for ART guideline adherence in Malawi
Understanding the mobile internet to develop the next generation of online medical teaching tools
Clinical decision support in small community practice settings
Handling anticipated exceptions in clinical care
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