Where do we stand in the maze of health information systems?
Shifts in the architecture of the Nationwide Health Information Network
Moving toward multimedia electronic health records
The impact of PACS on clinician work practices in the intensive care unit
Systematic review and evaluation of web-accessible tools for management of diabetes and related cardiovascular risk factors by patients and healthcare providers
Design and implementation of an automated email notification system for results of tests pending at discharge
Visualizing the operating range of a classification system
Executing medical logic modules expressed in ArdenML using Drools
Organizational complements to electronic health records in ambulatory physician performance
Factors associated with difficult electronic health record implementation in office practice
Evaluation of computer-based medical histories taken by patients at home
Triaging patients at risk of influenza using a patient portal
Improving completeness of electronic problem lists through clinical decision support
Behavioral health providers' beliefs about health information exchange
Genetic testing behavior and reporting patterns in electronic medical records for physicians trained in a primary care specialty or subspecialty
Harmonized patient-reported data elements in the electronic health record
Intensive care unit nurses' information needs and recommendations for integrated displays to improve nurses' situation awareness
Presence of key findings in the medical record prior to a documented high-risk diagnosis
The SMART Platform
Validity of electronic health record-derived quality measurement for performance monitoring
Are physicians' perceptions of healthcare quality and practice satisfaction affected by errors associated with electronic health record use?
The impact of an electronic health record on nurse sensitive patient outcomes
Adoption of a wiki within a large internal medicine residency program
Personal health records and hypertension control
The effectiveness of a new generation of computerized drug alerts in reducing the risk of injury from drug side effects
Ambulatory prescribing errors among community-based providers in two states
Surveillance of medication use
Evaluation of an Android-based mHealth system for population surveillance in developing countries
A system for coreference resolution for the clinical narrative
Survey non-response in an internet-mediated, longitudinal autism research study
Multidimensional evaluation of a radio frequency identification wi-fi location tracking system in an acute-care hospital setting
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