Informatics 2.0
Using EHRs to integrate research with patient care
An informatics agenda for public health
The effectiveness of interventions using electronic reminders to improve adherence to chronic medication
An offline mobile nutrition monitoring intervention for varying-literacy patients receiving hemodialysis
Development and evaluation of a crowdsourcing methodology for knowledge base construction
Impact of a web-based personally controlled health management system on influenza vaccination and health services utilization rates
Effects of an online personal health record on medication accuracy and safety
High-priority drug–drug interactions for use in electronic health records
Evaluating the reliability, validity, acceptability, and practicality of SMS text messaging as a tool to collect research data
Protecting count queries in study design
Grid Binary LOgistic REgression (GLORE)
Bi-directional semantic similarity for gene ontology to optimize biological and clinical analyses
Self-reported fever and measured temperature in emergency department records used for syndromic surveillance
Reviewing social media use by clinicians
A clinical data warehouse-based process for refining medication orders alerts
Evaluating the state of the art in coreference resolution for electronic medical records
Named entity recognition of follow-up and time information in 20 000 radiology reports
Automatic discourse connective detection in biomedical text
Active learning for clinical text classification
Pneumonia identification using statistical feature selection
Feature engineering combined with machine learning and rule-based methods for structured information extraction from narrative clinical discharge summaries
Clinical decision support with automated text processing for cervical cancer screening
Deriving rules and assertions from pharmacogenomics knowledge resources in support of patient drug metabolism efficacy predictions
Leveraging medical thesauri and physician feedback for improving medical literature retrieval for case queries
Automated extraction of ejection fraction for quality measurement using regular expressions in Unstructured Information Management Architecture (UIMA) for heart failure
Coreference analysis in clinical notes
A supervised framework for resolving coreference in clinical records
Machine learning-based coreference resolution of concepts in clinical documents
Coreference resolution of medical concepts in discharge summaries by exploiting contextual information
A classification approach to coreference in discharge summaries
Automatic classification of mammography reports by BI-RADS breast tissue composition class
Direct comparison between support vector machine and multinomial naive Bayes algorithms for medical abstract classification
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