Data science and informatics
Biomedical imaging informatics in the era of precision medicine
Improving image retrieval effectiveness via query expansion using MeSH hierarchical structure
Automatic glaucoma diagnosis through medical imaging informatics
Imaging informatics for consumer health
Multiscale segmentation of the skull in MR images for MRI-based attenuation correction of combined MR/PET
Imaging-based observational databases for clinical problem solving
Dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI-based biomarkers of therapeutic response in triple-negative breast cancer
Investigating the link between radiologists’ gaze, diagnostic decision, and image content
Ontology-guided organ detection to retrieve web images of disease manifestation
Three-dimensional morphological and signal intensity features for detection of intervertebral disc degeneration from magnetic resonance images
Cancer Digital Slide Archive
Pathology imaging informatics for quantitative analysis of whole-slide images
Health information technologies in geriatrics and gerontology
Identifying medical terms in patient-authored text
Patient–provider communication and trust in relation to use of an online patient portal among diabetes patients
Improvement in the workflow efficiency of treating non-emergency outpatients by using a WLAN-based real-time location system in a level I trauma center
Effects of health information exchange adoption on ambulatory testing rates
Patient-generated secure messages and eVisits on a patient portal
Impact of an electronic medication management system on hospital doctors’ and nurses’ work
The safety of electronic prescribing
Syntactic parsing of clinical text
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