Game changer
Recent trends in biomedical informatics
Electronic health records-driven phenotyping
Developing and evaluating an automated appendicitis risk stratification algorithm for pediatric patients in the emergency department
Ethical and practical challenges to studying patients who opt out of large-scale biorepository research
Electronic health records based phenotyping in next-generation clinical trials
Defining a comprehensive verotype using electronic health records for personalized medicine
Deriving comorbidities from medical records using natural language processing
A collaborative approach to developing an electronic health record phenotyping algorithm for drug-induced liver injury
Applying active learning to high-throughput phenotyping algorithms for electronic health records data
Design-phase prediction of potential cancer clinical trial accrual success using a research data mart
Patient-tailored prioritization for a pediatric care decision support system through machine learning
Using electronic health records data to identify patients with chronic pain in a primary care setting
Temporal phenome analysis of a large electronic health record cohort enables identification of hospital-acquired complications
Leveraging electronic healthcare record standards and semantic web technologies for the identification of patient cohorts
Identifying phenotypic signatures of neuropsychiatric disorders from electronic medical records
Use of computerized algorithm to identify individuals in need of testing for celiac disease
Correlating electronic health record concepts with healthcare process events
A comparison of phenotype definitions for diabetes mellitus
An adaptable architecture for patient cohort identification from diverse data sources
Automated extraction of clinical traits of multiple sclerosis in electronic medical records
Normalization and standardization of electronic health records for high-throughput phenotyping
Billing code algorithms to identify cases of peripheral artery disease from administrative data
Validating a strategy for psychosocial phenotyping using a large corpus of clinical text
Note on Friedman's ‘what informatics is and isn't’
Response to Maojo and Kulikowski
Reflections on AMIA—looking to the future