Informatics support for clinical decisions
Exposome informatics
Estimating the information gap between emergency department records of community medication compared to on-line access to the community-based pharmacy records
A literature search tool for intelligent extraction of disease-associated genes
Evaluating the impact of pre-annotation on annotation speed and potential bias
Communication spaces
The pattern of name tokens in narrative clinical text and a comparison of five systems for redacting them
Use of IndiGO individualized clinical guidelines in primary care
Content and functional specifications for a standards-based multidisciplinary rounding tool to maintain continuity across acute and critical care
Discovering body site and severity modifiers in clinical texts
Using electronic health record data to develop inpatient mortality predictive model
A qualitative study of the activities performed by people involved in clinical decision support
Impact of an automated email notification system for results of tests pending at discharge
Unrealized potential and residual consequences of electronic prescribing on pharmacy workflow in the outpatient pharmacy
Overrides of medication-related clinical decision support alerts in outpatients
National evaluation of the benefits and risks of greater structuring and coding of the electronic health record
Learning classification models with soft-label information
Design and evaluation of the ONC health information technology curriculum
An informatics approach to medication adherence assessment and improvement using clinical, billing, and patient-entered data
Integrating pharmacogenetic information and clinical decision support into the electronic health record
Visual analytical tool for evaluation of 10-year perioperative transfusion practice at a children's hospital
Barriers and facilitators to implementing electronic prescription
The availability, functionality, and quality of mobile applications supporting medication self-management
ICD-10 codes used to identify adverse drug events in administrative data
Using a medical simulation center as an electronic health record usability laboratory
Easily configured real-time CPOE Pick Off Tool supporting focused clinical research and quality improvement
Clinical decision support for atypical orders
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