A journal's role in resource sharing and reproducibility
Health information technology data standards get down to business
Development of data representation standards by the human proteome organization proteomics standards initiative
Scalable quality assurance for large SNOMED CT hierarchies using subject-based subtaxonomies
Data standards to support health information exchange between poison control centers and emergency departments
Standard for improving emergency information interoperability
Transformation of standardized clinical models based on OWL technologies
Harmonizing and extending standards from a domain-specific and bottom-up approach
Feasibility and utility of applications of the common data model to multiple, disparate observational health databases
Semantic enrichment of clinical models towards semantic interoperability. The heart failure summary use case
Development, implementation, and initial evaluation of a foundational open interoperability standard for oncology treatment planning and summarization
Solving the interoperability challenge of a distributed complex patient guidance system
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Supporting interoperability of genetic data with LOINC
A tribal abstraction network for SNOMED CT target hierarchies without attribute relationships
Using the wisdom of the crowds to find critical errors in biomedical ontologies
An exploration of the properties of the CORE problem list subset and how it facilitates the implementation of SNOMED CT
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Pharmacovigilance from social media
Identifying homelessness using health information exchange data
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Automated confidence ranked classification of randomized controlled trial articles
Beyond technology acceptance to effective technology use
Metrics and tools for consistent cohort discovery and financial analyses post-transition to ICD-10-CM
Evaluating and classifying the readiness of technology specifications for national standardization
AMIA—Setting the Standard