Special focus on precision medicine informatics and education
Precision medicine informatics
Will they participate? Predicting patients’ response to clinical trial invitations in a pediatric emergency department
A network-based drug repositioning infrastructure for precision cancer medicine through targeting significantly mutated genes in the human cancer genomes
SMART precision cancer medicine
An in silico framework for integrating epidemiologic and genetic evidence with health care applications
Electronic medical record phenotyping using the anchor and learn framework
A bioinformatics approach for precision medicine off-label drug drug selection among triple negative breast cancer patients
Extracting genetic alteration information for personalized cancer therapy from ClinicalTrials.gov
Automated identification of molecular effects of drugs (AIMED)
Text mining for precision medicine
Pragmatic precision oncology
Automated eligibility screening and monitoring for genotype-driven precision oncology trials
Sociocultural variation in attitudes toward use of genetic information and participation in genetic research by race in the United States
Precision medicine
An informatics research agenda to support precision medicine
Developing knowledge resources to support precision medicine
Interactive use of online health resources
Focusing on informatics education
Assessment-based health informatics curriculum improvement
Developing new pathways into the biomedical informatics field
Health informatics and analytics — building a program to integrate business analytics across clinical and administrative disciplines
Early experiences of accredited clinical informatics fellowships
Core informatics competencies for clinical and translational scientists
The organization and content of informatics doctoral dissertations
Development and implementation of a multitiered health informatics curriculum in a college of pharmacy
Creating advanced health informatics certification
Eligibility requirements for advanced health informatics certification
The scope of health informatics and the Advanced Health Informatics Certification