News in brief - Jan. 19, 2004
News in brief - Jan. 19, 2004
Doctors assess impact of morning-after pill going OTC
Disparities in care still undercut quality progress
Appeals court upholds Ohio “partial-birth abortion” law
Medicare law aims to bring Alaska physicians in from the cold
News in brief - Jan. 19, 2004
Physician's artwork is an outgrowth of patient care
Doctors fight for enforcement of staff bylaws
Patient-centered model offered as road to reform
Tax planning never stops
Technology valued, but implementing it into practice is slow
Squeezing more out of your practice's bottom line
News in brief - Jan. 19, 2004
Physician supply
Letters to the Editor - Jan. 19, 2004
Medical liability reform—let's do it together now!
Bad to the bone
Researchers step up battle against ongoing anthrax threat