News in brief - March 8, 2004
Coverage squeezed for elder-care physicians
Upcoming Match spotlights visa woes facing residency programs
Doctors protest 400% price hike in HIV medication
Consumer-driven health care
Tort reform for obstetricians fails in the Senate
News in brief - March 8, 2004
Bush nominates FDA chief for top CMS slot
Senate bill aims to boost seat-belt use
Medicare relief coming soon with drug discount cards
Beat the clock
Out of residency and into practice—at 84
North Carolina board claims boost in doctor discipline
Performance measures may be part of recertification
News in brief - March 8, 2004
Education, progress focus of patient safety week
New Jersey squelches lawsuit for advertising fraud
Hospitals hang on to money-losing medical practices
Financing high-tech
Home buying has more twists for doctors
Study reports bargaining between health plans and hospitals is easier
Minnesota considers tighter restrictions on surgery centers
Big health plans mark a profitable year
IBM joins medical groups in getting into record-mining business
Letters to the Editor - March 8, 2004
Safety reporting now in Senate's hands
Physician looks at what keeps people slim
Alzheimer's deaths on rise
FDA boosts efforts to find fake drugs
News in brief - March 8, 2004
Trials focus on hormonal birth control for men