News in brief - March 15, 2004
Physician's sideline extends 6 feet under
FDA targets medication errors by requiring bar codes on drugs
Drug reimportation booms as U.S. safety task force is named
Focus on stopping diversion
News in brief - March 15, 2004
Injunction lifted against any-willing-provider law
States, scientists seek alternate funding for stem cell research
Professionalism starts in med school
News in brief - March 15, 2004
Fewer new DOs picking primary care
Photo-taking doctor has shot at Pulitzer
New AMA award honors doctors focusing on disparities
Blues execs to get bonus in conversion
When silence isn't golden
Measure performance of 401(k) funds against benchmarks
News in brief - March 15, 2004
Online interactive functionality growing among insurers
California could ban foreign outsourcing of patient files
Peer review
Letters to he Editor - March 15, 2004
Tort reform debate best served by truth
Asking about alcohol
Depression link to chronic disease goes both ways
Possible correlation between diabetes and hearing loss
RSV peak spurs push for vaccine development