News in brief - April 19, 2004
News in brief - April 19, 2004
Think beyond drug therapy for treating ADHD
Med staff-hospital fights turn nasty and more litigious
CMS revises rules limiting physician self-referral
Alert warns of Medicare conflict for concierge practices
News in brief - April 19, 2004
Study criticizes health insurance tax credit plan
Malpractice plaintiffs' wins, awards up slightly
Practices try to pare down liability premiums
VA OKs chiropractic care but keeps primary care oversight
News in brief - April 19, 2004
Wisconsin doctors not forced to be expert witnesses
Residencies pinpoint work-hour hurdles
Rx industry already using DEA-proposed rule
Bioethics council reaches consensus on assisted reproduction
Troubled times for Tenet
How to plan ahead for your retirement
Minnesota hospital bill rewritten
A Willy Wonka turn leads family physician to sweet spot
Letters to the Editor - April 19, 2004
Ensuring a fair deal for all in the health care system
Defense of truth never rests in medical liability debate
Journal free for all
AIDS, drug resistance complicate TB fight
More flu vaccine expected for next season