News in brief - June 7, 2004
News in brief - June 7, 2004
Diabetes conundrum
Feds turn spotlight on Anthem over “most-favored-nation” clause
Medicare carrier switch
Tort reform passes again in the House
News in brief - June 7, 2004
Alaska physician wins case on ignored medical advice
Doctors can know accusers; ruling doesn't set precedent
Federation to review foreign schools after educational standards are questioned
Malpractice payouts take huge jump
Medical students to begin taking clinical skills test
Louisiana psychologists can prescribe meds
News in brief - June 7, 2004
Quest for a quality bonus
Rights and limitations in “exclusive provider” contracts
Rhode Island Blues plan ups reimbursements
North Carolina doctors sue UnitedHealthcare
Letters to the Editor - June 7, 2004
Marketplace domination
A little lip from an LIP
Again, no link for vaccines, autism
Statin quo? The pros and cons of direct-to-consumer use
FDA turns down OTC status for emergency contraception
Lead poisoning remains a threat for kids