Practices try dropping waiting rooms
Carrier backlogs continue to stall physician Medicare enrollment
House votes to bar over-the-counter sales of steroid precursors
“Partial-birth abortion” ban loses 1st round
News in brief - June 21, 2004
Emergency departments strained by patients better seen elsewhere
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61-year-old graduates medical school
News in brief - June 21, 2004
Reagan praised as medicine's friend
Canadian hospitals study patient safety
Boston groups choose nonprofit route to growth
Acute interest
A big SUV has tax benefits—for now
Former HealthSouth execs get probation, fines
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Stake your claim
Letters to the Editor - June 21, 2004
Where in the world? Where patients have been affects what they might have
New approaches considered to combat rise in pertussis
Smoking linked to even more health problems
News in brief - June 21, 2004