News in brief - July 5, 2004
AMA studies liability surcharges
Drug controversies prompt call for clinical trial registry
Drug reimportation dilemma
AMA seeks separte Medicare drug funding
Physicians want HSA access for Medicare recipients
AMA to help states on programs for uninsured
AMA backs review of presumed consent on organ donations
2 doctors used typhus to save thousands in wartime
AMA takes aim at skills exam
Common ground sought on pain
News in brief - July 5, 2004
Considering costs and coverage in treatment
Greener acres
New Stark regs refine “same building” rules
AMA to study establishing coding combinations, modifiers
News in brief - July 5, 2004
AMA policy encourages national infotech standards
Doctors need to take a leading role on electronic medical records
Letters to the Editor - July 5, 2004
Know your worth
Diagnosis X
Physicians sharpen focus in addressing obesity epidemic
News in brief - July 5, 2004