News in brief - Aug. 2, 2004
Edwards' trial lawyer past raises red flags for doctors
Doctor duo skewers health system with lyrical laughs
Pharmacy benefit managers a growing force in Medicare
U.S. appellate court weighs legality of Medi-Cal cuts
News in brief - Aug. 2, 2004
Case against assisted-suicide law continues
Web-based physician credentialing system seen as time-saver
Online CME becoming increasingly popular
Ohio physical therapists getting direct patient access
News in brief - Aug. 2, 2004
Discretion often the better part of valor
Family ties
Washington Blues plan loses its bid to go for-profit
Stark II exceptions for physician recruitment by hospitals
Answer the phone already
Letters to the Editor - Aug. 2, 2004
AMA and medical education
Meeting the needs of the developmentally disabled
Cholesterol guidelines get an update
Cost seen as main obstacle for Alzheimer's studies
News in brief - Aug. 2, 2004