1.5% Medicare increase secured, but future pay cuts are forecast
Health plan mega-mergers stalled
Wyoming moves toward tort referendum
CMS unveils plan for Medicare drug benefit but skimps on details
News in brief - Aug. 16, 2004
Communication problems often initiate “cascades” of errors
Ob-gyns feeling the pressure
Government report finds fault with Joint Commission
News in brief - Aug. 16, 2004
Doctors warned on single high blood pressure reading
Hospital execs told to walk for safety
Marrying your finances
News in brief - Aug. 16, 2004
Coalition offers doctors help with EMRs
CareFirst reforms not crossing to Delaware
Physician groups save hospitals in Pennsylvania, Oregon
Letters to the Editor - Aug. 16, 2004
Tread lightly with patients on money matters
Reasons to join the AMA
Project BioShield
FDA approves two-in-one cholesterol-lowering drug
News in brief - Aug. 16, 2004