News in brief - Oct. 4, 2004
News in brief - Oct. 4, 2004
IRS scrutiny of tax shelter spurs doctor audits
FDA panel findings intensify struggles with prescribing of antidepressants
Presidential prescription
Rx comparisons may lead seniors to doctors' doors
News in brief - Oct. 4, 2004
House bill sanctions lawyers for filing frivolous lawsuits
Cost keeps many from taking their meds
Will Massachusetts court allow expert to be sued?
Ethical issues last hurdle for face transplants
Defamation award could chill peer review
Treatment choice is ultimately the patient's
Engineering better care
Check contracts before charging fees
Doctor banks on success with colleagues
Earning hospitals money
Medicare's no-help line
Letters to the Editor - Oct. 4, 2004
Unity of purpose
Previously unmentionable
Antibiotics ineffective in preventing heart attacks
More family physicians doing colonoscopies
News in brief - Oct. 4, 2004