News in brief - Nov. 22/29, 2004
State tort reform ballot wins set stage for further battles
Do you tend to undercode? You're not alone
CMS finalizes 1.5% doctor pay increase, adds new patient benefits
Bush's 2nd term health agenda pushes liability reform, HSAs
News in brief - Nov. 22/29, 2004
California rejects access measures; funding concerns cited
Voters weigh in on issues of marijuana use
Reputation rehabilitation
Doctors seek ways to cover liability premium shortfalls
News in brief - Nov. 22/29, 2004
Poor health, not lack of insurance, drives ED visits
AAFP passes resolution seeking reimbursement for paperwork
Nonprofit hospitals under scrutiny
Preparation key to putting out “fires”
Wisconsin patients can check hospital fees
News in brief - Nov. 22/29, 2004
Letters to the Editor - Nov. 22/29, 2004
The flu vaccine shortage
Health histories can be part of holiday sharing
Vaccine reallocation leaves doctors with tough choices