News in brief - Dec. 20, 2004
News in brief - Dec. 20, 2004
Anthem, WellPoint merge into largest health plan
Criminal checks increasingly a fact of life for physicians
Medicare payment ample for cancer drugs, GAO says
Thompson's farewell to HHS urges continued focus on global health
News in brief - Dec. 20, 2004
Baseball deal strikes out with physicians in District of Columbia
ACP opens affiliate membership to PAs
Study details gap in death rate by race; health care disparities blamed
News in brief - Dec. 20, 2004
Oregon doctors want more in-state students
Removal of FAQs about prescriptions on DEA Web site causes turmoil
Scouting a career coach
EMR search, while tough, can be done
Doctors looking at details as interest in HSAs grows
Inform your patients about HSAs
Letters to the Editor - Dec. 20, 2004
AMA communications efforts help physicians to serve
Pursuing the placebo effect
Brain scans may detect markers of some mental disorders
Calculating obesity's toll is more than a number
FDA approves new drug for treating MS