News in brief - Dec. 27, 2004
Drug reimportation supported if safety of patients is assured
Delegates target courts for liability reform expansion
AMA reaffirms commitment to fight Medicare pay cuts
Federal health budget, abortion language OK'd
Bush names EPA chief as new HHS secretary
News in brief - Dec. 27, 2004
Health proposals have popular appeal
Terrorism measures lead into uncharted waters
Faith in healing
Tort reform alive and well in West Virginia
TV makeovers more extreme than real
Can patients really handle the truth?
Adding performance data to EMRs shows payoff
News in brief - Dec. 27, 2004
Delegates OK denying Rx data to drug reps
Scrushy on trial
Set a policy about extra exams in a single appointment
Ruling in tax shelter lawsuit could benefit doctors
Aetna buys back its mental health division
Community service
Letters to the Editor - Dec. 27, 2004
Too soon to predict easy flu season
Sinusitis guidelines point the way for further research
News in brief - Dec. 27, 2004
Chest CT scans detect early-stage lung cancer