News in brief - Jan. 3/10, 2005
Medicare zeroes in on E&M coding as key source of payment mistakes
Insurer gives prize for ideas to curb lawsuits
Patient safety laboratories
Minnesota seeks higher-quality, lower-priced health care
News in brief - Jan. 3/10, 2005
Businesses plan to maintain retiree drug coverage
Proposal may solve stem cell dilemma
Which professionals does the public trust the most, and the least?
Hospital patient safety effort launched to reduce errors, save lives
Aetna and Ohio doctor group settle payment lawsuit
Proliferating bracelets could pose hazards for patients
News in brief - Jan. 3/10, 2005
Quality agency, insurers fight ethnic care gap
New Jersey doctors sue insurer over forced payback
How to un-retire
Safeguard records to comply with HIPAA security rule
Spending time on the business side of practice
Tenet expects at best to break even this year
Nonprofit Blues company seeks to acquire Oklahoma plan
News in brief - Jan. 3/10, 2005
Letters to the Editor - Jan. 3/10, 2005
You ain't nothin’ with a blank contract
Litigation center provides another form of advocacy
Senior moments
More heart risks found for COX-2 inhibitors
CDC official offers insights on the flu vaccine shortage